Millionaire Inu coin and metaverse

Millionaire Inu will use the latest data and other artificial intelligence tools to educate our members about blockchain investing.
You have always been late to almost every opportunity in the crypto space. Sometimes you’re early and then you sell too soon at a loss or little profit. Millionaire Inu has one desire and one desire only; to make you a millionaire. For that to happen, you need to play your part. What part you ask? You have to buy your coins and hold it. Yes, hod it.You can only profit from an investment you keep. You have missed becoming a millionaire with Doge, Shib, Babydoge, Floki and recently, you’ve missed Tamadoge and Bonk. Stop missing out, start investing in a smarter way by holding your coins if you’re early in a project. If you still miss this chance, it means you gave up one more opportunity of becoming a millionaire in this regular world. If that’s the case, you can try again in a different world; our millionaire metaverse being built.

Millionaire Inu is the last major Shiba Inu.

Most people have the impression that investing in early currencies occurs in secret, by the time you learn about it, other people have already benefited, but you didn’t get that chance. You experienced it with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki Inu, babaydoge, and many others. In addition to meme coins making people rich, you may not be aware that many people have wasted a great deal of money investing in cryptocurrency initiatives. Some people made large investments, including their rent, savings, and means of subsistence, all of which were destroyed when the markets plummeted. We don’t share this tales to frighten you. Butt to advise you to be put less money in crypto initiatives and to invest responsibly.

Millionaire Metaverse

If for any reason you don’t get a chance to be a millionaire in our current universe, we’ll give you a change to be a millionaire in the Millionaire Metaverse, where you’ll live out your dreams, be blockchain ediucated and learn real skills that you can apply to the current universe, so you can be a millionaire in both worlds.


Q4 2022

▪ Development of the $Millionaire Inu smart contract

▪ Community development

▪ Research on millionaire metaverse

▪ Building Millionaire Inu project

Q1 2023

▪ Ico for early adopters (You’re here, you’re the early investor)

▪ Community growth

▪ Marketing

▪ Launch on pancakeswap

▪ CMC and Coingecko listing

Q2 2023

▪ CEX Listing

▪ Marketing

▪ Development of partnerships

▪ Launch of Millionaire crypto education programme

Q4 2023

▪More exchange listings

▪ Charitable Outreach and crypto education missions

▪ Launch of Millionaire Metaverse (can’t wait)

▪ More to be added for 2024

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The foundations have been set and we're excited about our journey together in building and improving the millionaire Inu experience. Millionaire Inu will enhance your journey on becoming a Crypto millionaire and a Metaverse millionaire.

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